Object Templates

Last Updated 08-Dec-2003

General Description

There are several valid BLAF Object Templates to support the wide variety of BLAF application object types. (Examples of objects in BLAF are: Purchase Order, Requisition, Expense Report, database Target, and Employee Record.) Each type of object may be comprised of a wide variety of information (or object properties), and managed by a wide range of users of various skill levels. Thus there are several Object Template options to match these various criteria.

This Guideline indicates the available BLAF Object Template designs, provides some general usage principles, and contains links to the relevant BLAF Guidelines for each Object Template.

Contents of This Guideline:

NOTE: There are different templates for 3(+) Step Processes, 2 Step Process and 1 Page Object Template pages. See specific guidelines for details.

Guideline Attributes

Spec Version # - 3.1
Spec Contributors - Betsy Beier, Lisa Serface, Craig Louis, Lisa Rinderknecht
UI Models - all models
Example Products - all products
Related Guidelines - Object/Item List Templates, 2 Step Process/Object Template, Step by Step (3[+] Steps) Template, Step by Step Page Flows, Long Page & OverviewTemplate, 1 Page Object Template, Table Navigation/Action Methods, Table Flows, Buttons (Action/Navigation), Tab/Navigation: SubTabs, Intra-Application Navigation

Interaction and Usage Specifications

General Principles


Typically, one object template should be used per object type. An object template should form the basis for all common action templates.

Use The Appropriate Template

Certain object templates may be cumbersome given the user, and the nature of the task.

Typical Object Templates - Interaction Notes

Typical Object Template Initiation Points

Typical Object Template Tasks

Object Templates - Usage & Guidelines

See individual Object Template guidelines, linked below, for more details.

1 Page Object Template

1 Page Object Template

1 Long Page Object Template

1 Long Page Object Template

2 Page Object Template

2 Page Object Template: Step 1

2 Page Object Template: Step 2

3(+) Linear Page Object Template

3+ Linear Page Object Template: Example First Step

Multi-Page (Non Linear) Object Template

The Tabs/Navigation guideline describes usage guidelines and interoperability of various navigation control implementations under non-linear tab/navigation:
Multi-Page Non Linear Template using Side Navigation
Subtabs Multi-Page Non Linear Object Template

Issuing Confirmations

If the user has completed updating an object in any manner, and returns to the Object List, the list does not reflect the change. A confirmation message box should be shown.

It is also applicable to show a full Confirmation message page. For detailed schematic of a Confirmation messaging template see the Messaging Templates guideline.

Visual Specifications

All Object Template Options

Below is a schematic of all the Object Template options. See each individual page template guideline for details. Also see the Buttons (Action/Navigation) guideline for detailed button order configuration for each template.

All Object Template Options
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