1 Page ObjectTemplate

Last Updated 06.18.02

General Description

A single page is a common object template within BLAF applications. It may be view only or transactional depending on how it is used. Examples tasks that use this template are View Object, Update [an objects' properties], or Create [an object].

NOTE: There are different object templates, based on the amount of information needs to be displayed. See Object Template guidelines for details.

Guideline Attributes

Spec Version # - 3.1
Spec Contributors - Betsy Nute
UI Models - all models
Example Products - all products
Related Guidelines - Introduction to Page Templates, Overview Page Template, Messaging (including Confirmation) Page Template, Object Template, 2 Step Processes Template, Step by Step (3[+] Steps) Template, Step by Step Page Flows, Introduction to Page Flows

Interaction and Usage Specifications

General Principles

Typical Interaction Notes for a 1 Page Object Template

Common Components of a 1 Page Object Template

Common Action/Navigation Button Configuration in a 1 Page Object Template

The two most common action/navigation buttons used in a form page are "Cancel" and "Apply" (or "Submit.") Below describes each buttons' behavior:

1 Page Object Template Flow

Refer to the Step by Step Flow guideline for schematics of a typical one step process or transaction. Also, this guideline describes the differences between 1 step, 2 step and 3(+) step flows.

Visual Specifications

1 Page Object Template

Below is a schematic version of a generic 1 Page Object Template. The content area, number or sections and details vary given the specific application needs. The essential components used in this template are the page level action/navigation buttons, "Cancel" and "Apply"/"Submit".


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