JAX-RPC mapping file, really needed?

From: Merten Schumann <>
Date: Fri, 8 Apr 2005 10:17:39 +0200


I've got a question regarding this JAX-RPC mapping file you need to
setup a JAX-RPC web service. I'm using wscompile from Sun's JAX-RPC
implementation to generate the WSDL for a web service. Then I have this
webservices.xml in the WEB-INF of my .war and there's the JAX-RPC
mapping file (generated by wscompile too) referenced:
<jaxrpc-mapping-file> WEB-INF/mapping.xml </jaxrpc-mapping-file>

Is this JAX-RPC mapping file really needed or is the WSDL enough???
Would be good, if I could omit this mapping file, for some reason:

What I want is to take a java2wsdl tool which preserves the method
parameter names. Maybe there's such a tool out there in the net (or I
could hand write the WSDL). Now, there's more than one java2wsdl tool
out there which I could probably use instead of Sun's wscompile to
produce a WSDL file from my Java interface. But, it seems none of these
tools generates this JAX-RPC mapping file!?!

I think this mapping file is JAX-RPC specific, but maybe I'm wrong and
it's a Sun JAX-RPC specific file???

Thank you!