Ancillary Graphic Style

Last Updated 05.17.02

General Description

Ancillary graphics can be used throughout an application to add and enhance a more friendly web-like feel. They are only enhancements to the look of the application, and not necessary or required for the user to understand or complete the task at hand. Examples of ancillary graphics are: Example of an Ancillary Graphic on a Home Page

NOTE: For complete repository of ancillary graphics, see Ancillary Graphic List.

Guideline Attributes

Spec Version # - 3.1
Spec Contributors - Betsy Nute, Aylin Uysal
UI Models - all models
Example Products - all products
Related Guidelines - Color Palette, Icons, Buttons (Global), Art Direction Language, Header Component, Content Containers

Interaction and Usage Specifications

General Principles

Visual Specifications

Line Art or Illustrative Ancillary Graphics Photographic Ancillary Graphics

Ancillary Graphic Repository

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