[jsr369-experts] [ADMIN] Welcome to Servlet 4.0

From: Edward Burns <edward.burns_at_oracle.com>
Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 07:45:03 -0700

Hello Volunteers,

This message is sent to all members of servlet-spec, including
observers, but this message is really intended for Expert Group members.
Note that only JCP Expert Group (EG) members may subscribe to
jsr369-experts, and therefore only EG members may post to this list.


  Hello and welcome to the JSR-369 Expert Group for developing version
  4.0 of the Servlet specification. If you're a veteran of past Servlet
  JSRs, thanks for coming back again, we're very glad to have you. If
  you're new to Servlet spec development, welcome! We look forward to
  more fresh ideas. My name is Ed Burns. Shing-wai Chan and I will be
  your co-spec leads for this JSR.


  As stated on our JSR [1], the primary goal of this JSR is to expose
  support for the upcoming IETF standard HTTP/2 to users of the Servlet
  API. A secondary goal is to refresh the Servlet API with to achieve
  compliance with new features in HTTP 1.1 as well as responding to
  community input. The
  jsr369-experts_at_servlet-spec.java.net list will be used
  for technical discussions in JSR-369.

Getting to know each other

  I know some of you from previous JSRs, but others are new. I'd like
  for everyone to share their java.net user name. If you don't have
  one, please get one. We'll add everyone to the servlet-spec project.
  Please reply to this email, including where you live, who you
  represent, anything else you'd like to say and, optionally, a picture
  or a link to a picture of yourself.


  Servlet 4.0 is included in the the Java EE 8 platform schedule and
  will depend on Java EE 8 and JavaSE 8.

Rights and Responsibilities

  Based on lessons we've learned from past JSRs, we think it would be
  useful to lay out some rights and responsibilites of the JSR-369 Spec
  Lead and EG members.

  * Your rights as a JSR-369-EG member

     - Timely response to emails

     - The issues you raise get dealt with and not fall on the floor

     - Be informed of schedule milestones and release plans as soon as

     - Have expectations set realistically, for example, the EG needs to
       be made aware that the JCP process can take a long time between
       when the actual spec discussion work is done, and when it is
       final. During that time, we are going through JCP process steps,
       working on the TCK and polishing the RI, writing the
       documentation, integrating it into the release vehicle, and
       qualifying it with third party products.

     - Have access to quality tools for distributed collaborative
       development. For example, the issue tracker, wiki, and shared
       file space at servlet-spec.java.net

  * Your responsibilities as an EG Member

     - Be active in email discussions

     - On the rare occasions when we specifically ask for a VOTE, such
       as whether or not we declare that we've hit a JCP milestone, cast

     - Conduct all email in a professional manner, no flaming

     - Follow email discussion guidelines in this message

     - Stay within the scope of the JSR

     - Respect the spec lead's final call on the schedule for the JSR.

  * Our rights as spec leads

     - The authority to make the final call on the schedule for the JSR,
       after sincerely considering EG input

     - The authority to make executive decisions to settle deadlocks

     - The authority to shut down threads that are digressions.

     - The authority to break up email messages into separate threads to
       aid discussion.

  * Our responsiblities as spec leads

     - All new discussion threads receive a response within two days
       from Shing-wai or I, barring planned absences.

     - All discussion threads managed. If appropriate, they are
       associated with an issue-tracker issue.

     - See that each discussion thread is summarized and labeled as
       CLOSED when the discussion is resolved.

     - Keep the spec document up-to-date as issues are resolved


  All official spec discussion will happen on
  jsr372-experts_at_servlet-spec.java.net. This list is
  archived at [2]. We used the archive heavily in past JSRs, so please
  test that you can access the archive.

  Please send all mail in ASCII, not HTML. If you must, non ASCII
  attachments are ok, but generally it's better to put that sort of
  thing as an attachment to an issue in the issue-tracker.

  As mentioned above, everyone needs a java.net user id. We'll be using
  the servlet-spec [3] project. We'll use the servlet-spec issue
  tracker for all issues [4].

  We may have occasional conference calls if the need arises.

Reference Implementation and TCK

  The official reference implementation for JSR-369 is being developed
  out in the open on the java.net project called glassfish. The TCK
  will be developed by Oracle internally.

Email practices

  We will use the following conventions, used in previous iterations of
  the JavaServer Faces expert groups.

    The subject line of All core discussion threads will be prefixed by
    TargetVersion is optional and is assumed to be Servletv4.0 if
    omitted. Having this convention covers us if we end up talking
    about something targeted at Servletv4.1. IssueNumber is the issue
    number in the servlet-spec issue tracker. ShortName is a WikiWord
    that enables us to look at the email subject line and quickly recall
    the topic of the thread. For example, Subject: "[43-XMLSchema]

    If you want to originate a thread, send it to the EG prefixed by
    [NEW] in the subject line. If we see the need for an issue tracker
    issue, we'll put it in the issue tracker, re-subject the email to be
    prefixed with [IssueNumber-ShortName], and discussion will continue
    on that thread, NOT the thread with [NEW] in the title.

    Put [ADMIN] at the start of the subject line for all schedule and
    administrative related emails.

  I am open to other suggestions about how to best conduct the EG
  discussions over email.

Next Steps

  As you may know, next week is JavaOne 2014. Shing-wai and I are
  attending, as well as Greg Wilkins.

  We are having a face-to-face meeting, with conference call as well,
  the first day of JavaOne. It is a shared meeting with the JSF EG.

  Date: Monday 29 September 2014


        14:00 San Francisco

        17:00 New York

        23:00 Vienna

  Phone number:

        +1 866 682 4770

        Conference code: 7821409

        Access code: 2323

  If you are calling in from a country other than the U.S.A., please
  reply to me only with the country you will be calling from and I'll
  hopefully have a toll-free number for you in that country.

Again, welcome, and we look forward to collaborating in the coming

Ed Burns

  [1] http://www.jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=369

  [2] http://java.net/projects/servlet-spec/lists/jsr369-experts/archive

  [3] http://servlet-spec.java.net/

  [4] https://java.net/jira/browse/SERVLET_SPEC/

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