[jsr369-experts] [ADMIN] EG Meeting Notes, Audio, and JavaOne Slides

From: Edward Burns <edward.burns_at_oracle.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 17:09:32 -0700

Hello Volunteers,

Thank you all for attending the Servlet/JSF EG meeting today. The audio
recording is at [1]. The slides I presented yesterday at JavaOne are at
[2]. Here are my brief notes from the meeting.


Ed Burns, Oracle JSF and Servlet
Kito Mann, Independent, JSF
Neil Griffin, Liferay, JSF and Servlet
Frank Caputo, Independent, JSF
Leonardo Uribe, Independent, JSF
Stuart Douglas, RedHat, Servlet
Martin Mullholland IBM RTP, Servlet
Bill Lucy IBM (For Paul Nicolicci), JSF

EB> I would like to learn where everyone else is with their
EB> implementations.

  Stuart: PushBuilder, Mapping

  Martin: Conservative with the implementation, but IBM feels the ALPN
  on Java EE 8 needs to be solved before they can move forward with the

We had a brief discussion about the urgency of the ALPN issue. We all
agreed this was the biggest issue facing the EG right now. Ed agreed to
continue to work the issue through Oracle.

EB> I would like to try to pick one open technical issue from each spec
EB> and have some discussion about it.

EB> For Servlet, I think it's good to discuss the RFC7239 thread.

It was suggested that this be continued in email. I agreed

EB> For JSF, I think we should discuss the PushContext thread.

We did discuss this, as well as WebSocket support. Leonardo mentioned
that we could possibly be missing out on an opportunity for a better
feature by not allowing <f:websocket> some way to be bound to a specific

Neil mentioned that the WebSocket support was added by modifying the

Neil mentioned a concern regarding the namespacing of
javax.faces.ViewState regarding changes that were made in 2.3. Neil,
can you please provide more details here?

Thanks again,


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[1] https://java.net/projects/servlet-spec/downloads/download/Servlet%204.0/20160921-servlet4-jsf23-eg-audio.mp3
[2] https://java.net/projects/servlet-spec/downloads/download/Servlet%204.0/CON7980_BURNS_SERVLET4.pdf