A Simple doubt for usage in TYPES in JAX-RPC

From: shaba dil <>
Date: Thu, 8 Jul 2004 01:53:22 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,
I have'nt recovered from my installation problom of JAX-RPC yet.But i am having a simple doubt on using CUSTOM datatype with JAX-RPC.
I am having a class Address( a javabean) in server.
So in Service endpoint interface,i am having methods,
public Address[] getAllAddresses()
public void setAddress(Address address);
So in client i get Address Type from Stub.and through stub, i get server data.that is address[] which was previousely stored.
OK..then problom,
In client,i use a Swing GUI to collect data from user.Which is having a form to collect the details of Address.
After getting the enough data from User interface form,i have enough data to create an Object to Address class.
But in client there was No Address class.Address class is in server.And client run in seperate JVM.
So how to resolve this situation?
1) May i create an Address class same as server in client side and create an object for it?.
2) Or Can i create Address object without having an Address class in client?.

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