Re: JAX-RPC HelloService sample, what scope is it running in?

From: Merten Schumann <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 13:30:25 +0200

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>> I tried to use this ServiceLifeCycle stuff. It works. I found that
init() for my service is called once.
>> But my question is still: How could I force my JAX-RPC web service
(HelloService sample in Sun J2EE 1.4 tutorial) to run in session

> In the future, please post JAXRPC related questions to

ok, thank you

> Try setting the SESSION_MAINTAIN_PROPERTY to true on the stub.

But my server side counter (int counter=0, not static) still only starts
with zero, when I've freshly (re)deployed the web service. When I run my
client program again and again, the counter is not starting with zero
but with the value from the former round. But I think there should be a
new (HTTP) session get started with each client run ... Do I have to do
anything additionaly on the server side, like getting the session object
in init(Object context) or so?

Anyway, I'm not sure if specifying "use sessions" on the client side is
appropriate. Shouldn't that been done on server side? How to specify
"use sessions" in a Dynamic Proxy client? How to specify "use sessions"
in a, let's say, MS SOAP Toolkit client?

But I know that we should try to avoid that stuff which needs HTTP
sessions to store context data. So I will try this "stateless session
bean" stuff and hope to become happy with it. :-)


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