Re: HTTP-Basic authentication over SSL

From: Andy Wolf <>
Date: Mon, 14 Jun 2004 23:06:27 +0200


Sharib Anis wrote:
> Does anyone know how to set up HTTP-Basic authentication over SSL for
> JAX-RPC? I saw some documentation in JWSDP 1.0 tutorial, but the later
> JWSDP tutorials don't have this. It's either HTTP-Basic *or* SSL...

Well, you got to establish an HTTPS connection and then you send the
required credentials. On the server side you have to set up the Tomcat
HTTPS connector with a certificate and the corresponding pair of
public/private keys. Then you specify in the deployment descriptor that
authentication is required and you are done...

To specify the username and password you need to use stub._setProperty()
and to specify the two key stores you use System.setProperty(). Both key
stores have to exist, need to be specified and do not have to be the
same file...


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