Strange Missing port information problem

From: Sharib Anis <>
Date: Tue, 1 Jun 2004 16:01:55 +0800

Hello All,

I have been running my jax-rpc style web service for some time now.
However during some recent testing, we came across a new problem.

The web service has a method that returns an arraylist. Normally this
works fine, but not when the size of the list is "too large". It has
worked for around 10k list elements. But in one test the list contains
about 35K elements, and then the client fails, giving the following
error: java.rmi.ServerException: Missing port information. Does anyone
know why this happens?

Thanks and Regards,
Sharib Anis
Senior Research Engineer
Wireless Intellect Labs Pte Ltd
A MobileOne Company
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