Re: Implementing class file on client side?

From: Hrishikesh Bhagwat <Hrishikesh.Bhagwat_at_XORIANT.COM>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 09:01:33 +0530

hi mischa,

Look at the whole process like this.

            1. you implement the service and generate the server side
artifacts including the WSDL.
            2. next you wait for any client to contact you. When a deal is
struck you pass on the WSDL,
                ,just the WSDL to him( or her). You DONT GIVE any
(client).jar file to him.
            3. The client looks into the WSDL ..... checks up the structure
of your Bean as mentioned
                in <Type> tag of the WSDL and codes his own version of the
bean class. This Bean class
                that he codes will be in his native language (say C++).
            4. Then he is expected to have a tool (NOT XRPCC but which
typically provide will be provided by some C++
                vendor ) that makes stubs in C++ from the WSDL he has.
            5. The actual client he codes (ie the business client) then uses
these stubs.

For more information about this you can go through a small tutorial that i
authored. I think it will clarify most of such doubts. Besides, the example
you would code while you go through the tutorial follows the above 5 steps
you a complete feel of how the Server and the client can be coded

Hope that helps. here's the link


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As far as I understand, the client side artifacts can be generated from the
WSDL file alone. If that is the case, hope there are no dependency issues.
Even if the client is in C++, we still can access the Web Service
implemented in Java, by generating the C++ client side stubs out of the WSDL
file using some C++ integrated tools.

or, am I missing something...

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        Subject: Implementing class file on client side?

I tried the HelloWorld example in the JWSDP Tutorial and everything works
fine. Then I looked into the client.jar file including the files generated
by xrpcc. I don't understand why there's the HelloWorld.class file. Why do I
need that on client side? I thougt I am just working on the stub.

If I use a Java Bean as return type or parameter, I need also the "real"
class on client side.
Are there no stubs generated for such complex types - but what happens if I
try to implement
the client side in C++? Is there a possibility to use a tool like xrpcc for
C++ which produces stubs
out of my wsdl file (also for the used beans?).

thanx for any enlightenment,