Re: Implementing class file on client side?

From: Binildas C. A. <binildas_at_IBSPLC.COM>
Date: Wed, 15 May 2002 08:57:31 +0530

As far as I understand, the client side artifacts can be generated from
the WSDL file alone. If that is the case, hope there are no dependency
issues. Even if the client is in C++, we still can access the Web Service
implemented in Java, by generating the C++ client side stubs out of the
WSDL file using some C++ integrated tools.

or, am I missing something...

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        Subject: Implementing class file on client side?

I tried the HelloWorld example in the JWSDP Tutorial and everything works
fine. Then I looked into the client.jar file including the files generated
by xrpcc. I don't understand why there's the HelloWorld.class file. Why do
I need that on client side? I thougt I am just working on the stub.

If I use a Java Bean as return type or parameter, I need also the "real"
class on client side.
Are there no stubs generated for such complex types - but what happens if
I try to implement
the client side in C++? Is there a possibility to use a tool like xrpcc
for C++ which produces stubs
out of my wsdl file (also for the used beans?).

thanx for any enlightenment,