J2SE runtime System, Discovery And Registration

From: Deepth Dinesan <dinesan_at_INDIA.ADVENTNET.COM>
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 03:26:35 -0600

Dear nerds,

<Naive Doubt n0=1 >

The Spec Says that the runtime system for JAX-RPC could be

1. J2SE
2. Servlet Container 2.3
3. J2EE container

But the spec(or rather myself) is unclear about 1.
JAX-RPC makes use of JAXRPCServlet ..for sending the SOAP Messages.
Doesnt it ?

Or Rather what Do I need to do/How to deploy my Web Service using JAX-RPC to
run on J2SE ?


Also the spec mentions Service discovery and registration as out of scope .
Why is That so?

<Complex types>
I have an application which I need to expose as a web service. However the methods
returns "application defined types " . Meaning I need to sit long hours and
plug the Serializers and Deserializers myself.

Can there be a way to have a "Generic Type" for which the serializer/ deserializer
will be built in . Something like CompositeData, TabularData type ?

And hence I would spend time on converting the "user Defined Types" and "Collections"
to Complex or Tabular Data Type (for which the serializers/deserializer are already available)

Dunno If am thinking sense .
</Complex Types>

Thanks and Regards
Deepth Dinesan