Re: J2SE runtime System, Discovery And Registration

From: Deepth Dinesan <dinesan_at_INDIA.ADVENTNET.COM>
Date: Fri, 03 May 2002 04:55:27 -0600

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Am wondering on the criteria for choosing JAX-RPC or JAXM for exposing my application
as a web service .

Both suports asynchronous and synchronous communication (in some form or the other)
Both essentially uses 'Servlets' ( Am sticking on to RI )

JAX-RPC defines Java-Wsdl Mapping .
JAXM doesnt . ( So do I need to hand code WSDL ? any other alternative ? )


. found that there is a soap.jar under c:\jwsdp-1_0-ea2\commom\lib apart from
  jaxrpc-api.jar and jaxrpc-ri.jar . Is that being used ?
. Also found openOrb.jar . Is IIOP being used somewhere ?

Or am I missing something ?

Thanks a lot
Deepth Dinesan