Re: J2SE runtime System, Discovery And Registration

From: Arun Gupta <>
Date: Thu, 02 May 2002 10:06:49 -0700

Hi Deepth,

Please see inline responses.

Deepth Dinesan wrote:

>Dear nerds,
><Naive Doubt n0=1 >
>The Spec Says that the runtime system for JAX-RPC could be
>1. J2SE
>2. Servlet Container 2.3
>3. J2EE container
>But the spec(or rather myself) is unclear about 1.
>JAX-RPC makes use of JAXRPCServlet ..for sending the SOAP Messages.
>Doesnt it ?
>Or Rather what Do I need to do/How to deploy my Web Service using JAX-RPC to
>run on J2SE ?

JAX-RPC specification allows for the various server-side programming
models (as you listed above). However it mandates only the servlet-based
programming model. And that JAX-RPC implementation in JWSDP or Java XML
Pack supports only the servlet-based programming model.

>Also the spec mentions Service discovery and registration as out of scope .
>Why is That so?

Service discovery and registration is being addressed by Java APIs for
XML Registeries (JAXR) APIs. These APIs are also bundled along with
JWSDP and Java XML Pack.

><Complex types>
>I have an application which I need to expose as a web service. However the methods
>returns "application defined types " . Meaning I need to sit long hours and
>plug the Serializers and Deserializers myself.
>Can there be a way to have a "Generic Type" for which the serializer/ deserializer
>will be built in . Something like CompositeData, TabularData type ?
>And hence I would spend time on converting the "user Defined Types" and "Collections"
>to Complex or Tabular Data Type (for which the serializers/deserializer are already available)
>Dunno If am thinking sense .
></Complex Types>
As of JWSDP EA2, you can consider converting your user defined types to
JAX-RPC value types as defined in Chapter 5 of 0.7 version of the
specification. The simplest JAX-RPC value type is based on JavaBeans
design pattern. You dont need to write serializers/deserializers for any
of the JAX-RPC supported value types as these are supported by the
serialization machinery of the JAX-RPC implementation.

For FCS release, a limited and most commonly used subset of Collections
will be supported.

Thanks for your interest in JAX-RPC.


>Thanks and Regards
>Deepth Dinesan

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