[javaee-spec users] [jsr366-experts] Re: Java EE 7 MR

From: Kevin Sutter <>
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2015 15:20:36 -0600

Hi Linda,
I'm not sure I understand the update to [Clarify requirements for
support of custom permissions]:

Permission declarations must be stored in META-INF/permissions.xml file
within an EJB, web, application client, or resource adapter archive in
order for them to be located and subsequently processed by the deployment
machinery of the Java EE Product. [The Java EE Product is not required to
support use in the permissions.xml file of permission classes that are
packaged in the application.]

I'm stumbling over the wording... Does it mean something like this? Or,
am I just not getting the proposed update?

The Java EE Product is not required to support the specification of
permission classes in the permissions.xml file that are packaged in the

Kevin Sutter


From: Linda DeMichiel <>
Date: 02/09/2015 03:45 PM
Subject: [jsr366-experts] Java EE 7 MR

We've been accumulating a few fixes to minor errors in the Java
EE 7 specification along with some clarifications that we've been
discussing recently in the group. We plan to submit these to the JCP
as part of the spec Maintenance process. I've attached a list of the
proposed changes below.

Note that because these changes do not impact the RI or TCK, but only
update the current specification document, they do not define a new
spec version, but rather result in a "Rev A" of the Java EE 7

I plan to submit these to the JCP at the end of the week to initiate
the Maintenance Review process. Please let me know before then if I
missed anything or if you have any comments.

For your convenience, I have uploaded a draft of the spec
that includes the proposed changes to our project downloads area,
The changes are flagged with changebars in the relevant chapters.


[attachment "JavaEE7-changes" deleted by Kevin Sutter/Rochester/IBM]