Preview and Printable Page Templates

Last Updated 24-Nov-2003

General Description

Web applications embed content within visual and active user interface elements that support the user's need to interact with the application. In certain situations, users need to see content without some or all of these elements:

This guideline includes the following sections:

Guideline Attributes

Spec Version # - 3.1
Spec Contributors - Betsy Beier, Mervyn Dennehy, Lisa Rinderknecht
UI Models - all models
Example Products - all products
Related Guidelines - Preview and Printable Page Flows, Step By Step Flow, Browse Pages Flow

Interaction and Usage Specifications

General Principles

Previewing Business Objects

Preview pages may retain or omit UI elements depending on context. If the previewed object(s) are:

Previewing Native BLAF Objects

Certain native BLAF objects, such as reports, graphs, and contracts, may need to be previewed after they are created:
Preview of a Job Requisition

Previewing Third Party Objects

BLAF applications, such as Configurator and iStore, may create objects that are native to third-party applications. In this case: Preview of a Third Party Object: Toyota Website from Configurator

Printable Pages

There are three print methods in BLAF applications, all of which rely on browser print settings: All three types of printable page follow the same rules for removal and retention of UI elements.

BLAF Form with Printable Page Button

Basic Printable Page

Basic Printable Page

The basic printable page follows common practice in major Web sites:

Print Object

"Print Object" allows users to print all of an object's data regardless of whether it is displayed on a single page:

Print Specific Content

"Print Specific Content" starts a type of two-step process where users can specify which content to print, and then view the selected content before printing: Example of Print Options Page

Removal of UI Elements from Printable Pages

The following UI elements should be removed from printable pages, because they are not relevant to printed content: The following elements may be removed or retained depending on individual application and product marketing requirements: The following UI elements MUST be retained in printable pages except in specific contexts:

Visual Specifications

BLAF preview and printable pages follow standard BLAF guidelines for margins and spacing. Third-party preview window settings are determined by the viewer application.

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