Package names

From: Wilfred Springer <>
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 19:32:55 +0200


I noticed that you also changed the names of the packages. (That is, in
wadl2java; it did prevent me from building the latest version, by the way
;-) Just fixed that a minute ago.)

I'm ok with changing it in anything we like, but I don't think this is
actually *required* for the integration. I'd prefer to move to an
integrated build ASAP, and then start working on the head to make changes
like these. Changing all of this too might make merging the two code bases

Any comments?

From my perspective, I think we are done when:

* We are able to generate the same + more artifacts that the build was
producing before.
* Make sure everything can be built automatically using the CI solution that
we are going to use
(+ ideally, have some tests.)

Do I miss anything?