[jsr369-experts] Re: [servlet-spec users] [SERVLET_SPEC-73] discussion

From: Mark Thomas <markt_at_apache.org>
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2016 16:20:25 +0100

On 20/04/2016 23:28, Edward Burns wrote:


>>>>>> On Mon, 11 Apr 2016 11:29:34 +0100, Mark Thomas <markt_at_apache.org> said:
> MT> I've updated Tomcat's implementation as follows:
> MT> - added RequestDispatcher.FORWARD_MAPPING
> MT> - added RequestDispatcher.INCLUDE_MAPPING
> MT> - s/getMatchType/getMappingMatch/
> MT> - added Mapping.getServletName()
> MT> - removed MappingMatch.IMPLICIT
> MT> The behaviour for forward/include is the same as for the other
> MT> forward/include attributes.
> MT> This will be included in the next milestone release (early May) be if
> MT> folks want to test this sooner than that, let me know and I'll publish a
> MT> snapshot.
> Mark, can you please take a look at the API as specified on the
> SERVLET_SPEC-73 branch [1]? The Javadoc is browsable at [2]. It would
> really be helpful if you could spell out the changes necessary to the
> SERVLET_SPEC-73 branch to bring it into conformance with the group
> consensus. If it's simply a matter of "just what I said on Mon, 11 Apr
> 2016 11:29:34 +0100", that's fine, but I'd like confirmation that is the
> case.

Confirmed. The changes are as I set out above. I've been through a
source level diff of the relevant files to double check. If anything
isn't clear, I'm happy to provide clarification.

> I know there was discussion of adding an isImplicit().

It was discussed but, since no-one had a use case for it, the consensus
view was that it should be left out.

> If you could take your reply straight to the EG list rather than the
> users list, I'd appreciate that as well. jsr369-experts_at_servlet-spec.java.net

As requested.