Re: JSR311: JAX-RS 2.0

From: Bill Burke <>
Date: Thu, 04 Jun 2009 07:43:33 -0400

Stefan Tilkov wrote:
> On 13.05.2009, at 21:29, Bill Burke wrote:
>> Marc Hadley wrote:
>>> (v) Templating/MVC
>>> Production of representations using standard template technologies
>>> (e.g. JSP).
>> I know you guys (Jersey) have some stuff around this. Resteasy did
>> some integration with Spring's ModelAndView objects. The Seam team
>> did some Resteasy integration around their equivalent as well.
>> There's probably something standard we can define here.
>> BUT...I'm not sure this should be the domain of JAX-RS as this is more
>> of a Web-Framework like feature. Maybe JAX-RS should focus on tighter
>> integration with JSF/Web Beans instead?
> I disagree; frankly I feel it's probably next to impossible to make JSF
> RESTful. I'd be happy to be proven wrong.
> IMO, a simple view technology would be a great addition to JAX-RS, as I
> don't see any reason to separate Web applications into those serving
> browsers and those serving other kinds of clients.

JSP integration, sure. Anything else is the domain of JSF and should be
done in conjunction with them.

BTW, my other secret wish is that JAX-RS supplants Servlet/JSP
altogether. With JAX-RS why do we even need servlet spec anymore?

Bill Burke
JBoss, a division of Red Hat