Re: JSR311: JAX-RS 2.0

From: <>
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2009 13:30:31 -0700

>>> (v) Templating/MVC
>>> Production of representations using standard template technologies
>>> (e.g. JSP).
>> [...]
>> BUT...I'm not sure this should be the domain of JAX-RS as this is more
>> of a Web-Framework like feature. Maybe JAX-RS should focus on tighter
>> integration with JSF/Web Beans instead?
> -1 to specific view technology. But I would like to see stronger
> template support in terms of being able to flexibly dispatch to a
> jsp/ftl/etc (for example being able to access jsps housed inside
> web-inf) via some kind of rendering provider.
> Bill
While it would arguably be bad design to integrate such a facility with
a hard dependency on only
one such framework (regardless which one it is), I think it's perfectly
acceptable, if not downright
desirable that should we want JAX-RS to be able to render HTML content
through integration with
a rendering framework, that it should, OOTB, be integrated with other
JSR specified technologies
such as JSP and perhaps JSF. As long as it is possible for other to also
integrate their framework
of choice in a similar fashion we have satisfied (hopefully, at least) 2
important constituencies.


- Larry