Re: JSR311: Issue 18: XML Descriptor

From: Stephan Koops <>
Date: Tue, 01 Jul 2008 15:06:16 +0200

Hi Stefan

Stefan Tilkov schrieb:
>>> Not necessarily, I'm more concerned with ease of development.
>>> Usually, a RESTful application consists of a set of resources (or
>>> resource "types" for want of a better word) being able to view and
>>> change the whole outside view in one place is what I'm after.
>> IMO it is easy, if I - as application developer - put my @Path or
>> whatever annotations directly on the resource class and I'm not
>> required to also syncronize the classes with an additional XML file.
>> IMO the additional file doesn't make it easier.
>> One point why I like JAX-RS is, that you don't need to specify a lot
>> of XML files as e.g. for Servlet 2.x or Struts.
> Point taken, note though that I'm not suggesting we abandon the
> existing approach, I was simply stating what my use case for the XML
> descriptor would be.
> Stefan
I see, ok.