Re: JSR311: _at_*Param and List<?>

From: Stephan Koops <>
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2008 13:19:46 +0100

Hello Paul,
>> Dups doesn't matter. It's generally not defined for a Collection (see
>> javadoc of Collection).
> I know, that is the problem :-) what if one runtime chooses to use
> HashSet as the underlying implementation for Collection and another
> chooses to use ArrayList?
I think that this is not a problem in general; the app should ready to
handle this.
> If we allow Collection we have to specify the policy on dups otherwise
> it can cause interop issues where information is present when using
> one runtime but potentially not when using another the other.
Ok, we could specify it. Than I propose to specify, that a List is injected.