RE: JSR311: Issue 1 - Proposal for new conneg APIs

From: Jerome Louvel <>
Date: Mon, 15 Oct 2007 22:08:10 +0200

Hi Mark,

> > As a side note, the Variant class in Restlet 1.1 (SVN trunk) only
> > contains the conneg metadata. The rest of the metadata has
> > been moved down in our Representation class (size, dates, etc.).
> >
> Interesting, may I enquire what drove the change ? I kept the two
> separate to avoid the need to calculate etags and last modified etc
> for each possible variant, was that a factor in your decision too ?

Initially the Variant class was named RepresentationMetadata, until the
point where it seemed especially useful in the context of content
negotiation on the resource. So, it was renamed but kept all representation
metadata until recently where we realized it needed refactoring. Some
developers were assuming that the size, dates, etc. should be known in
advance when listing the available variants.

> > PS: Please note that the right spelling is *Restlet* instead of
> > RESTlet
> >
> OK, Sorry about that.

No problem.

Best regards,