Re: UriBuilder <was> Re: How to create URIs?

From: Marc Hadley <Marc.Hadley_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2007 15:46:59 -0400

On Aug 14, 2007, at 2:53 PM, Marc Hadley wrote:
>>> Is it likely that a developer would mix encoded/decoded space
>>> per a
>>> UriBuilder or would a UriBuilder be used consistently in
>>> encoded or
>>> decoded space?
>>> This is not an assumption we should force from the framework. How
>>> about the builder bootstrap itself, something like:
>>> URIBuilder.create(ENCODED)...
>> I was more thinking along the lines that each static method would
>> have an 'encode' boolean parameter that defaults to true.
> That would certainly deliver a simpler API provided the assumption
> about not mixing encoded and decoded in the same builder is valid.
> What do other folks think, is this a reasonable assumption ?
Rather than fixing whether the builder encodes at builder creation
time we could allow enabling/disabling encoding at any point in the
build, e.g.: with baseURI=

URI uri = UriBuilder.fromURI(baseURI).path("a b").encode(false).path

would make uri

This would allow us to drop the other 9 methods with the encode
parameter which seems like a worthwhile simplfication.


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