RE: Re: URI Escaping and Unescaping

From: David Orchard <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2007 08:16:26 -0700

What about defining a String-template-with-URI-Escaping or somesuch

Define the acceptable strings to be larger than URI-templates and then
spec that conversion to URI-templates is just following the URI escaping
rules. JSR-311 could use that, the "more human readable" template
language for annotations.


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> Subject: Re: URI Escaping and Unescaping
> Hi,
> I think this kind of proves that the URI template internet
> draft needs to be finished, and then, the relation between
> JSR-311's templates and the ones described by the IETF spec
> needs to be clarified.
> Right now,
> <
> ritemplate-00.html>
> seems to speak about URIs, nothing else. So you can't have an
> unescaped blank space, nor non-ASCII characters. It seems to
> me that this is what the current RI should implement.
> Which also means that unescaping of templated values needs to
> be done in a separate step. That may be a bit ugly, but I
> really prefer that in comparison to messing around with the
> template format.
> Best regards, Julian
> (*) we could use IRI templates, instead of URI templates, but
> then we'll still have to take care of characters not allowed
> in IRIs, such as SP, "{", "}", "/" and so on...
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