[Jersey] Re: Two questions

From: Jakub Podlesak <>
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 14:39:23 +0200

Hi Noah,

please see inline...

On 15.9.2011 16:16, N W wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I've got two questions this morning. The first is regarding how the Jersey release cycle dovetails with the Glassfish release cycle. Jersey is releasing faster then GF and I'd seem some traffic in the past detailing issues with manually upgrading Jersey in GF 3.1 due to dependencies with the GF admin ReST APIs. Does that still hold for 3.1.1? Can you manually update to 1.9 with 3.1?
The issue was only at certain cases with bundling a newer version of Jersey
along with an application (running two Jersey versions in parallel in GF).

Manual version upgrade has been working fine, and has the only
drawback, that you need to know exactly what files to replace, otherwise
you screw things up.
To address this, we deploy Jersey IPS packages, which allow you to
upgrade Jersey via the GF
Update Center client automatically. The 1.9.1 version of Jersey should
be available soon
(if it is not the case already).

> My second question is regarding Jersey Testframework. I'm currently using Jersey 1.5 bundled with GF 3.1. In trying to run using the EmbeddedGlassfish container I am seeing a no class def. found exception for org.glassfish.embed.EmbeddedException. We don't use Maven and I egrepped the Glassfish install dir as well as the JerseyTestFramework 1.5 distribution and can't locate it.
Jersey Test Framework is not part of the Jersey GF distribution. We only
bundle selected Jersey runtime modules
and its dependencies there. Even if you do not use maven, i would
recommend you give it a try and use it at least
to determine the needed dependencies. A good starting point could be the
Jersey helloworld-webapp example [1].



> Thanks,
> -Noah