[Jersey] Two questions

From: N W <>
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2011 10:16:01 -0400

Hi folks,

I've got two questions this morning. The first is regarding how the Jersey release cycle dovetails with the Glassfish release cycle. Jersey is releasing faster then GF and I'd seem some traffic in the past detailing issues with manually upgrading Jersey in GF 3.1 due to dependencies with the GF admin ReST APIs. Does that still hold for 3.1.1? Can you manually update to 1.9 with 3.1?

My second question is regarding Jersey Testframework. I'm currently using Jersey 1.5 bundled with GF 3.1. In trying to run using the EmbeddedGlassfish container I am seeing a no class def. found exception for org.glassfish.embed.EmbeddedException. We don't use Maven and I egrepped the Glassfish install dir as well as the JerseyTestFramework 1.5 distribution and can't locate it.