[Jersey] Re: Jersey for Java 1.5

From: Pavel Bucek <>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 14:12:02 +0200

Hello Ryan,

Jersey 1.3+ requires JDK 1.6, older versions are compilable and runnable
on JDK 1.5.

You could be able to compile some parts of jersey with 1.6, but you
would need to do minor changes in dependencies - currently
jersey-servlet depends on api jar which was compiled with 1.6, so you
would need to replace it with something.

Jersey source code is available and I think it's clearly visible from
projects main page, click on "Developing Jersey"
and "Subversion Repository". Or just execute this:

svn co


svn co<version>/jersey

for stable version.


On 9/21/11 10:37 AM, Ryan Ames wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm relatively new to restful services in Java and have been using
> Jersey to develop my first attempt. I'm at the stage where I need to
> deploy the service to a server and have run into a class unsupported
> version error. The server only has a java 1.5 jre and it is currently
> impossible for me to update this to 1.6, which is needed by Jersey.
> Are there any compiled jar files for java 1.5 or is there a way to get
> the source for Jersey to compile this myself? (I can't seem to find
> any source code on the jersey site) Is it even possible to compile
> Jersey for Java 1.5?
> Thanks in advance for any help or advice you can provide.
> Ryan