RE: [Jersey] Hypermedia clarification

From: Markus Karg <>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 23:06:09 +0100

> > It would have been more fair to tell Mr Fielding the whole story:
> >
> I thought I asked the question in a fair and non-predudicial way. I
> think the terms "RPC-style", "fancy HTTP header" etc are quite the
> opposite.

The problem is that the question was so abstract that the answer would not
deal with the problems of fancy headers and RPC, so it was not necessarily
clear to him what we *actually* like to know: Whether *any* headers are
allowed (which you cleared later on) or whether RPC-style URIs are allowed
(which you didn't mention).

If we want to get a clear answer to our actual question, we have to provide
actual information what we are talking about. Never ever doubted what you
actually asked in your first question, and you seem to notice it when you
asked your second.