RE: [Jersey] What HATEOAS actually means

From: Markus Karg <>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 19:43:55 +0100

> > We need to come with a number of patterns that can be applied to use-
> cases and have corresponding prototype implementations and from all
> that we will be able to hopefully define really good client and server
> hypermedia API support!

I need to disagree. I did never discuss "how to do hypermedia APIs". I am
discussing what is HATEOAS and REST, and what is not HATEOAS and REST. It is
absolutely valid and sensible what "they" want to do. All I say is that I
don't want to have it in JAX-RS, since it is not REST, as it is not HATEOAS
-- and JAX-RS is about REST, not about "anything with hypermedia via http".