[jax-rs-spec users] [jsr339-experts] Re: UriBuilder and RFC6570

From: Marek Potociar <>
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2012 14:40:06 +0200

That was not the intention - we wanted to primarily support the standard JAX-RS templates known from JAX-RS 1.x and I don't think we looked anywhere beyond that support. It would be nice if we could support the RFC, but I have not done any compatibility & feasibility analysis myself. Have you?


On Oct 22, 2012, at 1:01 PM, Sergey Beryozkin <> wrote:

> Is UriBuilder.uri(String) expected to support RFC6570 [1]
> I recall Bill raising the issue,
> Cheers, Sergey
> [1]