[jax-rs-spec users] [jsr339-experts] Re: Re: Injection of client-side artifacts

From: Bill Burke <>
Date: Fri, 15 Jun 2012 09:01:26 -0400

On 6/15/12 6:50 AM, Marek Potociar wrote:
> On Jun 5, 2012, at 5:57 PM, Bill Burke wrote:
>> Looks pretty cool. I like it.
>> The only problem I see is, how does a user create a Configuration?
> Grabbing a proprietary configuration implementation was what I had in mind.

Don't like this idea.

>> Right now because of the enable/disable methods, its quite a complex interface to implement.
> Enable/disable has been removed in EDR3. We can further discuss whether or not it makes sense to support configuration changes in WebTarget / Invocation.Builder. I'm not sure I like the idea of dropping this at the moment, but I'm open to discussion.

Not asking to drop it, just move it to another interface.

P.S. Hope you are a) feeling better, or b) if you had a newborn, the
kid is doing well

Bill Burke
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