Re: Using local transport when hosting JAX-WS services

From: Vincent Lamareille <>
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 08:34:17 +0200

Hi all,

Seems that I have an identical question.

Here is my use case: I want to run on the same platform a core app
(written in Java managing user interface and a heavy data model), and
legacy processes called by the core app.
Looks like a WS problem, without the Web. That's also that we do when
testing WS on localhost.

Are there well known issues about this kind of architecture, that is a
WS framework to integrate locally legacy code?
Would it be simpler, faster (?) to use a local transport instead of



Doug Kohlert wrote:
> James,
> Sounds like an interesting idea. We actually use the
> LocalClientTransport to do some testing. We certainly would be
> interested in reviewing the changes that you are proposing. I would
> suggest that you wait a week or so before working on this anymore as the
> Service/ServiceFactory is going to be changing soon.
> wrote:
> > I'd like to be able to create a Service instance which performs local
> > invocations on in-JVM POJOs using JAX-WS so that I can plug in a
> > different transport layer into JAX-WS. i.e. using the existing
> > LocalTransport in both client and server parts.
> >