RE: Re: When using a Handler seems to hang upon response JSWDP 1.5

From: Ryan Champlin <>
Date: Fri, 2 Sep 2005 12:31:34 -0500

Sounds the same as what i'm seeing. My return doc is only around 83k. This morning I let it run for over an hour and it just keeps on going sucking up CPU and never returning. Seems like its stuck in an infinite look somewhere before its calling my handler.

Does Sun release the source for the JAX-RPC implmementation files so I could debug that stuff? There has to be a bug in there somewhere as sometimes it works fine for me, in fact most of the time. I can't find anything in the Soap document that would be wrong plus if I remove the handler completely it works fine all the time so I know its not my data. Something in Sun's JAX-RPC library is definitely wrong.


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Subject: Re: When using a Handler seems to hang upon response JSWDP 1.5

Ryan Champlin wrote:

> I've started downloading JWSDP 1.6 to see if I"m seeing the same issues
> there at all. I'm assuming the source for
> com.sun.xml.rpc.client.StubBase isn't released so I could debug into the
> _send() method further to try and see where its hanging up??
> Has anyone seen this problem before?

I had a similar behavior, but it was happening only when the soap
message was bigger than 2-3Mb... on Sun AS8.1 (solaris 10 sparc) the cpu
was stuck at 90% for 10-20minutes (MAYBE somewhere in the process of
trasforming the soap message in an xml object), on Sun WS6+JWSDP1.6
performances were slightly better.
By removing the handler (whose code was void, just empty methods!),
things worked fine.
Dunno about Tomcat...

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