Sun JAX-RPC client against Axis JAX-RPC web service - problem with HttpSession

From: Merten Schumann <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 09:14:25 +0200


I think questions regarding maintaining HTTP sessions are too much out
there, anyway, I could not find any detailed information about how
things are in Axis 1.2 (server) and JAX-RPC (client) ... Asked in Axis
mailing list first but got no response there ...

My problem is as simple as this: I've got a JAX-RPC web service up and
running smoothly in Axis (I do use the approach "add Axis to your web
app", if this is of interest). I do deploy my service with scope=session
(I even tried application). My clients (Sun JAX-RPC, PHP, Perl ...) work
fine so far (with the Axis global configuration switch dotNetSoapEncFix
set to true BTW).

Now I tried for some reason to use javax.servlet.http.HttpSession. I
think I did the required steps in the server side: implement
javax.xml.rpc.server.ServiceLifecycle, store in init() (get's called, as
expected) the javax.xml.rpc.server.ServletEndpointContext and call
context.getHttpSession(). In the client, I do

Well, and it does not work. :-( In the web service server side, I can
see that each time I do call context.getHttpSession() another object
get's returned.

So, I guess the exchange of cookies is not working correctly between
Axis 1.2 and Sun JAX-RPC (from J2EE 1.4) ... Anyone else experiencing
this issue? Or anyone has got this combination running without problems?
Anyone has a solution?

My Perl (SOAP::Lite) client works fine against Axis when cookie support
is enabled! So, who's wrong here, Apache or Sun? :-)

Thanx alot