Re: Issues with "wsimport" and classpath

From: Charlie Collins <>
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2005 22:41:57 -0400

Thanks Vivek, help is greatly appreciated.

I will double check that I am using the latest workspace, but I
believe I am (I will get revs).

As for the classpath element, yes I am aware its a child element and
using it as such. I am also aware the error is expected because
indeed it is not an attribute. The ant target seems to *treat it as an
attribute*, the same way it does for wsgen (when set to verbose each
of wsimport and wsgen shows the "command line" version of what they
are doing and they both indeed try to set -classpath *as an attribute*
when the classpath ant element is used, this of course works for wsgen
because that is a valid attribute, but it does not work for wsimport).
 I am using and looking at the same samples/etc/common-targets.

I do have JAXWS_HOME set for purposes of the examples (but not in my
own build). I do not have AS_HOME set.

It was my intention to try to build a standalone server and subsequent
war, a deploy on another app server (for example Tomcat). The server
portion seems to work fine in this manner. Do I need AS_HOME to
generate the *client*? At present I do not have the Sun App Server
installed. If need be I can fall back to that but it seems like
things should, at least theoretically, work without any particular app
server (once I have the jaxws-rt and jaxws-tools and other related
libraries in place).

Thanks again for the help!


On 6/14/05, Vivek Pandey <> wrote:
> Hi Charlie,
> My comments inlined below:
> Charlie Collins wrote:
> >I am trying to setup an example (and then possibly contribute more
> >code and documentation if help is needed, once I get up to speed)
> >using the latest docs per CVS HEAD.
> >
> >I am using information directly from jaxws-ri/docs/wsimport.html. I
> >am using my own simplified (attempting to) ant build file and looking
> >at "common-targets.xml" from the samples/fromjava example.
> >
> >In both cases I get "[wsimport] error: -classpath is an invalid option
> >or argument". And if I try without classpath of course I get many
> >classpath related issues.
> >
> >
> >
> Are you trying the latest workspace and looking at latest wsimport.html?
> wsimport doesnt have -classpath option so the error you're getting is
> expected. Here is the generate-client target from
> $JAXWS_HOME/samples/etc/common-targets:
> <target name="generate-client">
> <wsimport
> fork="true"
> debug="${debug}"
> verbose="${verbose}"
> keep="${keep}"
> base="${build.classes.home}"
> httpProxy=""
> wsdlFile="${client.wsdl}">
> <classpath>
> <path refid="jaxws.classpath"/>
> <pathelement location="${build.classes.home}"/>
> </classpath>
> <binding dir="${basedir}/etc" includes="${client.binding}"/>
> </wsimport>
> </target>
> As you can see there is no classpath attribute on wsimport target. But
> you can pass your own classpath using the ant's <classpath> element as
> described above.
> >Straight up from the samples/fromjava
> >
> >"ant server" - works fine
> >"ant client" - "[wsimport] error: -classpath is an invalid option or argument"
> >
> >
> >
> I dont see the above error with 'ant client'. Perhaps I am using the
> latest wsapce. Can you try refreshing your wspace and run it again? One
> more thing, you need to have JAXWS_HOME and AS_HOME set correctly.
> -vivek.
> >I get the exact same results in my own build process which was written
> >using the "tools" docs, similar to but not exactly the same as, the
> >samples.
> >
> >I apologize for pestering anyone about stuff thats not even released
> >yet, just wanted to inquire as to whether or not I might still be
> >missing something?
> >
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