exception handling

From: Ian Jones <>
Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 15:16:27 +0100

I'm attempting to throw a service-specific exception in my JAX-RPC web
service. This exception is defined, simply, as follows:
public class InvalidPasswordException extends Exception {
    public InvalidPasswordException() {
and is thrown in the interface of my web service here:
String login(String password) throws RemoteException,
I then use wscompile to generate the WSDL, server ties and client stubs.
However the client stub generated for the exception is called
InvalidPasswordException_Exception and this is thrown by the login
method's client stub. Is this what should happen?
In my client I attempt to catch this InvalidPasswordException_Exception
exception as follows:
   try {
            fail("Password was not invalid");
         } catch (InvalidPasswordException_Exception e) {
         } catch (ServerException e) {
         } catch (Exception e) {
             fail("failed due to exception " + e.getMessage());
In this case the server correctly attempts to throw a new
InvalidPasswordException, but the client catches a ServerException which
mentions the InvalidPasswordException within it's message. Is this also
correct? Shouldn't I just be able to catch an InvalidPasswordException
as specified by the service's interface?
Many thanks for any help,
Ian Jones
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