RE: Re: one-way invocations

From: Rinesh Agnihotri <>
Date: Mon, 21 Feb 2005 11:00:00 +0530

This is a question related to MessageHandlers.
According to JAXRPC - When a message Handler returns false the further execution should be stopped and exception should be thrown back to client.
I have developed a MessageHandler and to test this feature I made it to return false on the client side itself but the execution did not stop there itself.
Do I have to configure the RI to behave in above mentioned manner?
Also one more question:
On the server side I have MessageContext for the communication between Handler and server.On the client side however I do not have any such common object for the communication between client code and Handler. How do I communicate, lets say a dynamic value between client code and client side Handler?
Rinesh Kumar Agnihotri


From: Alessio Cervellin []
Sent: Sun 2/20/2005 11:15 AM
Subject: Re: one-way invocations

Guadalupe Ortiz wrote:
> I know how a a client can do a one -way invocation to a service in JAXRPC.
> But, what about if I want the client to receive a message for other service
> which he has not invoked. Is it possible? How the client expects the answer?

maybe you just need to write a servlet which listens for incoming soap
messages... in older jwsdp versions (1.1?) you could do this by writing
a simple servlet (client side) which extends JAXMServlet and implements
the ReqRespListener. Then you've to implement the onMessage() method
whose invocation is triggered by the arrival of a SOAP request (which is
sent by the server side of you web service).
I dunno if this is still valid with the latest JWSDP versionsof if there
are better approaches...

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