dynamic web service invocations & SOAP Handlers

From: Guadalupe Ortiz <>
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 12:56:28 +0100

I have implemented, on the one hand, a client which invokes a service
dinamically (so the WSDL and all the information about the service is
unknown til runtime) following the dii example in the jaxrpc tutorial.

On the other hand, I have implemented a client whihc use a SOAP handler to
include aditional information in the SOAP message to a service, following
the handler example in the tutorial.

What about if I want both things in the same client. I mean, I want a client
who invokes a service dinamically and uses a handler to add some information
to the SOAP message. How can I do it? >Because, as the invocation is dynamic
i have not the config.wsdl file where I "linked" the handler to the specific
wsdl of the service to be invoked.
Any help is gratefull,