Re: webservice client problem

From: Doug Kohlert <Doug.Kohlert_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 08:28:49 -0800

This is clearly a classpath issue. You might want to post this message
to Studio 5 support.

Jari Niskala wrote:

> Hi, I'm having a problem compiling a webservice client in Sun Studio 5.
> I generated the code using wscompile and it works fine, but when I
> include the source
> files into my Studio project, I get a compilation error.
> [34:1] cannot resolve symbol
> symbol : constructor ReferenceableSerializerImpl
> (boolean,com.sun.xml.rpc.encoding.CombinedSerializer,com.sun.xml.rpc.soap.SOAPVersion)
> location: class com.sun.xml.rpc.encoding.ReferenceableSerializerImpl
> serializer = new
> ReferenceableSerializerImpl(DONT_SERIALIZE_AS_REF, serializer,
> SOAPVersion.SOAP_11);
> I have mounted the jaxrpc-impl.jar as a filesystem for the studio and
> I can see the above
> mentioned method in the jar file with the same parameters as well...??
> Any ideas?
> thank you for your time,
> Jari

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