javaNoClassDefFoundError: de

From: Guadalupe Ortiz <>
Date: Fri, 28 Jan 2005 21:37:19 +0100

I have just installed jwsdp1.3 in a pc and it is the third pc I install this week. I had no problems with the two first, but with this one, doing the same configuration , i get the next error when compiling:

javaNoClassDefFoundError: de

It looks like a path error. I have checked them, but they are ok (and exactly the same as in the other pcs)
Any sugestion is welcome!


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  From: Jari Niskala
  Sent: Friday, January 28, 2005 7:12 AM
  Subject: webservice client problem

  Hi, I'm having a problem compiling a webservice client in Sun Studio 5.
  I generated the code using wscompile and it works fine, but when I include the source
  files into my Studio project, I get a compilation error. [34:1] cannot resolve symbol
  symbol : constructor ReferenceableSerializerImpl (boolean,com.sun.xml.rpc.encoding.CombinedSerializer,com.sun.xml.rpc.soapSOAPVersion)
  location: class com.sun.xml.rpc.encoding.ReferenceableSerializerImpl
              serializer = new ReferenceableSerializerImpl(DONT_SERIALIZE_AS_REF, serializer, SOAPVersion.SOAP_11);

  I have mounted the jaxrpc-impl.jar as a filesystem for the studio and I can see the above
  mentioned method in the jar file with the same parameters as well...?? Any ideas?

  thank you for your time,