Re: jwsdp tutorial

From: Alessio Cervellin <>
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 2005 22:19:30 +0100

Furton, John wrote:

> The source of my confusion was that in the old xrpcc times, we had to
> put a jaxrpc servlet reference into the web.xml, with a servlet init
> parameter referencing the properties file.
> I guess all this is now left to wsdeploy.

yes, wsdeploy elaborates the original web.xml in the raw war and
automatically produces a new web.xml with the info needed by jax-rpc:
the new web.xml and the original one (renamed to web-before.xml) are
then included in the cooked war.
this should be shortly mentioned somewhere in part two of the jax-rpc
whitepaper... anyway i agree with you, maybe this topic should be
expanded a little bit.

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