Re: Simple DII usage

From: kathy walsh <Kathleen.Walsh_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Fri, 08 Oct 2004 10:39:56 -0400

DII clients can be a bit tricky, however, they should be able to handle
simple types such as Strings- Often, the DII client parameters and
return type
are misconfigured-
Can you send me a couple of you dii client tests programs with the
wsdl? If so, I will take a look-
Also, can you possible you jwsdp 1.4? This would have some bug fixes
that may help-

Steve W. Jackson wrote:

> I'm attempting to work out the details needed to implement a DII-style
> call in our existing product, but I'm having some difficulties unless
> I'm calling to something that's rpc/encoded. A little quick background.
> We have a modeling and simulation application that includes its own
> expression language (done in JavaCC, for anyone interested). We're
> adding a new statement to that language to make a "SOAP call", as it's
> being called, to a web service. The present idea is that the user
> passes me the endpoint URL, service name, service port, body
> namespace, and an encoding parameter (either "rpc" or "literal"),
> followed by the names and values of each parameter (all must be Java
> String). The return value (also String only) is assigned to a
> variable in the expression. None of this is yet set in stone.
> The present approach is to create a Service from the ServiceFactory,
> then create a Call and set its properties as needed, then invoke the
> Call. If the service is rpc/encoded, I'm having no issues at all.
> But anything else is giving me fits. I could sure use some pointers.
> I attempted to locate some publicly accessible web services to use as
> a basis for examples in eventual documentation. I found many at
> Most of the best candidates (based on the acceptance of
> zero or more String parameters and returning a String) are not
> rpc/encoded, however, and I'm having no luck with them. I've been
> able to develop static stub clients easily for most (I'm using JWSDP
> 1.3, by the way), but I must be able to make a pure DII call of this
> type.
> Anyone care to point me to what I'm clearly not understanding just
> yet? And maybe even some sources of other publicly accessible (and
> free) services to point at as examples? I sure would appreciate it.
> Thanks,
> = Steve =
> Steve W. Jackson
> Montgomery, Alabama
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