Simple DII usage

From: Steve W. Jackson <>
Date: Fri, 8 Oct 2004 08:27:11 -0500

I'm attempting to work out the details needed to implement a DII-style
call in our existing product, but I'm having some difficulties unless
I'm calling to something that's rpc/encoded. A little quick

We have a modeling and simulation application that includes its own
expression language (done in JavaCC, for anyone interested). We're
adding a new statement to that language to make a "SOAP call", as it's
being called, to a web service. The present idea is that the user
passes me the endpoint URL, service name, service port, body namespace,
and an encoding parameter (either "rpc" or "literal"), followed by the
names and values of each parameter (all must be Java String). The
return value (also String only) is assigned to a variable in the
expression. None of this is yet set in stone.

The present approach is to create a Service from the ServiceFactory,
then create a Call and set its properties as needed, then invoke the
Call. If the service is rpc/encoded, I'm having no issues at all. But
anything else is giving me fits. I could sure use some pointers.

I attempted to locate some publicly accessible web services to use as a
basis for examples in eventual documentation. I found many at Most of the best candidates (based on the acceptance of
zero or more String parameters and returning a String) are not
rpc/encoded, however, and I'm having no luck with them. I've been able
to develop static stub clients easily for most (I'm using JWSDP 1.3, by
the way), but I must be able to make a pure DII call of this type.

Anyone care to point me to what I'm clearly not understanding just yet?
  And maybe even some sources of other publicly accessible (and free)
services to point at as examples? I sure would appreciate it.

= Steve =
Steve W. Jackson
Montgomery, Alabama

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