Re: Dynamically creating services

From: kathy walsh <Kathleen.Walsh_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 06 Oct 2004 12:15:58 -0400

If I understand correctly what you are asking, a jaxrpc dii client seems
what you are looking for- The catch with dii, is that Object parameters
and return
types need to be very simple unless you register serializers in the
serializer registry-

Object return = call.invoke(Object[] params)

Please see the jwsdp 1.4 tutorial that is available on
ant the jwsdp 1.4 developer pack also downloadable.

If you have more questions after this, please be in touch-

Derek Richardson wrote:

>Flip side of my last question: now I want to dynamically create
>services. I can write an implementation like this:
>Class Impl {
> public boolean doSomething(Object[] params) {
> ...
> }
>Now, I want to expose this implementation as different operations to end
>users, each with a unique name and potentially different parameters
>(declared explicitly, not as an Object[]), though it will always return
>boolean. And I want to do this dynamically, at runtime.
>Any advice on how to do this?
>Derek Richardson
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