Re: Value/risks with using JAXMServlet?

From: Aysu Betin <>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 17:55:45 -0700

Thanks for bringing up this question.
It is just what I wanted to learn.
Why is JAXM going away?
As far as I understand JAX-RPC does synchronous messaging
(it is implied in the name "remote procedure call")
I think asynchronous messaging is more sutiable
for web service applications.

aysu betin-can

Karr, David wrote:
> I've noticed the JAXMServlet class, which appears to have been defined
> in JWSDP 1.1, but doesn't appear to be in the later specifications. The
> Javadoc for this class indicates that it's not really supported, and may
> not be present in an actual implementation.
> Besides the fact that it's not present after JWSDP 1.1, are there any
> particular risks (or considerable value) from using this class as a
> "lightweight" web services interface (as opposed to the more
> "heavyweight" jaxrpc interface (using a "web-services.xml" descriptor)?
> Does anyone know if the latest WebSphere release uses this class? It's
> present in the latest WebLogic release.
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