Value/risks with using JAXMServlet?

From: Karr, David <>
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 17:11:54 -0700

I've noticed the JAXMServlet class, which appears to have been defined
in JWSDP 1.1, but doesn't appear to be in the later specifications. The
Javadoc for this class indicates that it's not really supported, and may
not be present in an actual implementation.

Besides the fact that it's not present after JWSDP 1.1, are there any
particular risks (or considerable value) from using this class as a
"lightweight" web services interface (as opposed to the more
"heavyweight" jaxrpc interface (using a "web-services.xml" descriptor)?

Does anyone know if the latest WebSphere release uses this class? It's
present in the latest WebLogic release.

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