RE: Re-installation woes

From: Kevin Jones <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 19:59:33 +0100

That's worked!

Thanks Bobby, although actually the file is in my c:\windows directory not
my home directory.

Thanks again,

Kevin Jones

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> Subject: Re: Re-installation woes
> > I'm trying to re-install JWSDP1.4 after a previous
> installation seems
> > to have failed. When I get to the section where I choose the
> > installation directory I choose c:\jwsdp-1.4 and get a
> dialog telling
> > me that the JWSDP is already installed in that directory (it isn't)
> > and that I should uninstall JWSDP before re-installing,
> which of course I can't!
> Hi Kevin,
> I got the info below about how to tell Install Shield that
> there really isn't anything installed there.
> Cheers,
> Bobby
> ----------------------
> Yes, there's a way to do this, but InstallShield doesn't
> recommend doing this.
> There should be a file in his home directory.
> What he can do is make a backup copy of this file. Bring up
> in an editor and wherever he sees a line in
> the file that has c:\jwsdp-1.4 as the base directory of the
> installation, remove that line. He should then try and do
> the install again, and if everything seems okay, then he can
> remove the backup file.
> This file is InstallShield's registry, so it could have other
> entries in it for other products, so we want to make sure
> this file is okay for the other products.
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