WSCompile!!!...there is a problom in windows XP for SURE

From: shaba dil <>
Date: Fri, 25 Jun 2004 09:55:47 -0700 (PDT)

Hi all,

I become totally helpless in my problom with wscompile
tool.i just dont getting the reason.i have downloaded
JWSDP again and installed in winXP machine.i wanna do
it in winXP machine becoz the target client will be in

Now i have RE-INSTALLED the operating system.and
installed and tried JWSDP1.4.The same error is showing
if i try to use wscompile tool using this command

wscompile -gen config.xml.

Output is RMIModeller error:ClassNotFoundException

It maybe simple.But i never get any clue that how it's
coming.Bobby(Robert.Bissett@ Sun.COM) checked my code
and he says that it's working fine in his system.i
think that he is using another OS than windows XP.

So i humbly suggest you to check the problom.This
maybe a very silly problom,but i get struck with
it,becoz JAX-RPC is new,nobody knows it.

I am sending my simple code and a screencapture.avi
file with this.just check it.

I am quite sure that there IS A PROBLOM of using
wscompile in WINDOWS XP.Plz help me to go ahead with

thanks in advance,

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